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Personal protective equipment (PPE) training + list of devices and their applications

Personal protective equipment, or PPE, is used to minimize serious injuries in the workplace and to perform a wide range of safety operations for workers and employees in a wide range of industries. These damages may be due to contact with moving sources, very high temperature sources, sharp sources, optical radiation, hazardous electrical sources, dust, nuclear radiation, smoke and chemicals. PPE is not a substitute for other safety measures, but some jobs are associated with unavoidable risks that can only be reduced by using the right equipment. Eliminating risks and engineering and administrative controls are essential steps in maintaining worker safety. However, when risks still exist, employers must provide appropriate PPE for their workers.

Title : Personal protective equipment (PPE) training + list of devices and their applications
Writer : Mr.zarrabi
Date : 2021-10-03
Price : FREE
Size : 908.3 MB
Rate :
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