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safety and machine guarding to minimize damage

Due to their important role, machinery and equipment used in the workplace must be used properly and safely to minimize the risk of accidents and damage to the health of their employees and keep the workforce safe. According to health and safety laws, employers have a duty to ensure the health of employees and must do their utmost to minimize risks. To achieve machine safety, employers have tasks that they must perform well and control so that the workforce works in a safer position.
After the Industrial Revolution, human use of industrial machinery increased. With the advancement of technology and the creation of new machines and devices, accidents and individual accidents of the machine have increased to the same extent and have caused those involved to take measures to protect different parts and prevent accidents.
According to the statistics available in labor accidents, most accidents are related to working with machines that have rotating and moving parts. The issue of safety and protection of machinery is one of the first safety issues for which rules and regulations have been set.

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