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1440 Sample HSE Comprehensive Test Question
A collection of collected HSE tests on various topics suitable for HSE exam
100,000 T
200,000 T
Dr reza gholamnia
PhD occupational health and safety
Online course risk
450,000 T
Dr reza gholamnia
PhD occupational health and safety
Excavation and demolition safety
Crisis and damage during demolition, duties of engineers regarding excavation of accident-causing factors in excavation
110,000 T
yaser emadi
Construction project safety expert
Electrical safety course
Methods of dealing with electric shock in high and low pressure networks, instructions related to electrical safety, etc
250,000 T
Dr. reza sharifi
PhD in Electrical Engineering
Legal and civil liability for accidents at work
Definition of responsibilities and its types, definition of civil responsibilities, definition of responsibilities in work-related accidents, etc.
170,000 T
Master of Industrial Safety
permit to work course
How to implement and explain the responsibilities of work permits, explain the types of work responsibilities
198,000 T
Dr.Reza gholamnia
PhD in Occupational Health
Application period of personal protective equipment
Investigation of components and equipment of personal protection equipment, application and how to use Investigation of group and individual characteristics
100,000 T
Master of hse Shahid Beheshti University
Identify the dangers of chemicals
Description of toxic substances, combustible substances, radioactive materials, MSDS, etc.
130,000 T
Dr.alireza ghasemkhan
Faculty of Shahid Beheshti University
Prepare and compile hseplan
200,000 T
Dr.reza gholamnia
PhD in Occupational Health Engineering